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What Are the Locking Mechanisms of a Garage Door

What Are the Locking Mechanisms of a Garage Door
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One of the greatest innovations of the 21st century in home improvement is undoubtedly the automated garage door. It has so many different conversion options, and it provides phenomenal security. To better understand how safe it truly is, let’s take a look at the locking mechanisms of a garage door.

Auto-Locks for Your Garage Door

If you have an automated garage door, you might have already noticed that your entry has a built-in computerized locking system. This system locks by syncing with the automated slide locking system, which is a deadbolt. We recommend this with your automatic garage door as it’s a foolproof system that works universally on any garage door. It’s also cost-effective because there’s no questioning whether it’s locked or not. You can be sure it will seal every time you leave.

Outdoor Security

This mechanism works by a sliding bar lock system from the ground with an L-handle or T-handle for security. An alternate locking system can come with these devices called a step bar, which bolts into the ground for added security. To fully understand the main components of the garage door system, you will have to know how both indoor and outdoor locks work for the best results with your system.

Emergency Release Lever Protection

You can have shielding for the emergency release lever installed to protect the lever from being picked or broken into. This shield completely blocks all access to the lever; however, it gives you access to the emergency release. This system prevents any break-ins from the outside.

Secure the Track

One true method of locking your garage door is by obstructing the track with something like a padlock or a c-clamp in one of the slots along the track. This will prevent the track from moving in any direction as long as those mechanisms are in place to manually keep your garage safe and secure. You will be responsible for removing them, so don’t forget about them or how to operate them once you’ve added them to the track.

There are many options for automated garage door security. You can sleep sound knowing what the mechanisms of your garage door are because you’ll be confident that your home will be free of criminal activity.

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