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$23 DIY Planter Box

$23 DIY Planter Box
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It’s easy to make these cute planter boxes. They add a lot of charm and dimension to a walkway, porch or patio.


Download the plans for this Planter Box here! https://lrn2diy-shop.fourthwall.com/products/23-dollar-planter-box-plans

Each box consists of 9 cedar fence pickets and one 2 x 4. You’ll also need 1- 1/4″ screws, 3″ screws, an optional brad nailer, and 18 gauge brads, as well as a saw.

For the dimensions that we used, be sure to download the free plans at the end of the post!

Build a Frame

The first step is to build a small frame like this.

Rip a 2×4 in half lengthwise.

Cut the boards to length, pre drill the holes, and use 3″ wood screws to fasten the pieces together.

Once your frame is put together, it’s time to put 6 “floorboards” on it. Cut the pickets to size, predrill, and screw in these six pieces to the frame you’ve created.

Inner Frame

Next up you’ll make an inner frame. This is 4 pieces of wood that we’ll use to put the siding onto.

Cut these out on with the chop saw or circular saw, then pre drill and use 3″ wood screws to fasten them in from the bottom.


Cut the pickets to length according to the dimensions of your box. You’ll want six longer pieces and six shorter pieces; 3 per side of the box.

Use a brad nailer to attach the pickets to the frame of your box. You can also use screws if you need to. You’re going to have some dog ears in the corner, but that’s fine, since they’ll be covered by the corner pieces.

Put the feet on next. Just cut those to size as per the plans, and use a brad nailer or small screws for now. You’ll fasten those more once you put the corner pieces on.

Corner Trim

Set the table saw to 2 1/8″, put the blade at a 45 degree angle. Rip a picket down the middle, which will give you two pieces that are roughly the same size.

Cut those into quarters, and they become the corner pieces.

Use 1 1/2″ or 2″ screws to fasten these. You’ll want to use 2 or more screws in these.

Top Frame

Rip a picket in half on the table saw, then get the width and length measurements for the top of the box; make sure to get the outside measurements since they’re the longest.

Cut them at a 45 degree angle so you can basically create a big picture frame.

Position them on top of the box to make sure the top frame covers up the top of the planter box, and fasten into place.

Once the box is assembled, it’s a good idea to put some water sealer on it to help protect it from the elements. Cedar is weather resistant, but the color will change over time to a grey color. If you want to preserve the color, you’ll need to treat it every year or more with the water sealer.

We put weed barrier in ours to help the dirt stay in, but we cut holes in the bottom of the barrier to allow for better water drainage.

Fill it up with soil, and plant away! Congratulations on your new planter box!


Check out the full video at https://youtu.be/WUnFAgj_7ps

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