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Different Upgrades You Can Add to Your Fireplace

Different Upgrades You Can Add to Your Fireplace
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A homeowner might choose to upgrade their fireplace for many reasons. Whether you bought an older home that needs updates or want to alter the structure for personal reasons, you can add many distinctive features to do the job. From smaller upgrades to larger ones, browse through these options to gather inspiration.

Add Tile to the Hearth

The hearth of your fireplace doesn’t need to be simple or mundane just because you don’t necessarily see it all the time. Homeowners often have a hearth that extends past the firebox and is visible to the entire room. Add style and personality to the structure by laying down a patterned tile.

Install a New Mantel

The mantel is an integral part of the ultimate fireplace aesthetic because oftentimes, homeowners fill the space with memorabilia special to their families. This shelf above the firebox gives the structure its familiar and comfortable feel. Stone, metal, or salvaged wood are all wonderful and popular options you can choose for this feature.

Upgrade to a Gas Insert

A traditional fireplace is not for everyone, but did you know that you can alter your current structure to accommodate gas fireplace components? These inserts are simple to install and provide the look and feel of a traditional structure without the need to burn physical wood in the firebox. If you appreciate the look of burning real wood, gas fireplaces can appear realistic by using ceramic logs, ensuring you don’t miss out on the “natural” aesthetic.

Alter the Surround With Granite Slabs

The surround of the fireplace is quite literally the area surrounding the firebox. Don’t forget this area of the structure—instead, consider unconventional materials you could add to this space. Granite is a more elegant stone that could give the room a more rustic appearance.

Paint the Fireplace Brick

This upgrade you can add to your fireplace allows you to utilize what you already have on hand without needing to purchase too many extra materials. Painting is an easy update that requires minimal time and money to complete. Consider painting the brick a color that compliments the décor in the room, like white or beige, to give life back to an older-looking structure. Remember to choose a brand of paint that is heat-resistant since it will be near a heating source.

You do not need to make all updates to the structure simultaneously; you can make small changes as time and money become available to you. What kind of features will you upgrade on your fireplace?

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