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5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Ventilation

5 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Ventilation
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Ventilation is the process of introducing outdoor air into an indoor space, distributing the air within the room. The main purpose behind ventilation is to improve the overall air quality by diluting and removing pollutants within the air. If you have poor ventilation within your home, it can cause an increase in pollution. Here are five ways to improve your home’s ventilation.

Open Windows and Doors

The first thing you can do to improve ventilation in your home is to open windows and doors. This particular tip is easier when the weather is nice outside, as you likely want to avoid letting in rain or cold air. But when the weather permits, you can open multiple windows and doors to circulate fresh air throughout your home.

Use Ceiling Fans Often

Ceiling fans are also a fantastic option for improving your home’s ventilation and airflow. Fans help to circulate the air in a room. You can also turn your ceiling fan on while you open your windows and doors for extra effectiveness, as this will help to remove any pollutants from the air in your home. The fans will increase airflow, while the open windows will draw in more fresh air.

Change Your Air Filters

You should also change your air filters regularly to improve your ventilation system. Over time, air filters become dirty and less effective at trapping particles and pollutants. Therefore, as a best practice, you should change your air filters once every three months. The cleaner your air filters are, and the more frequently you change them, the better your home’s air quality and ventilation will be. Understanding the importance of cleaning your air ducts ensures you are more informed about your home’s needs.

Utilize Pleated Filters

Utilizing pleated filters can also help when you’re working to improve your home’s overall ventilation. You can switch to pleated filters to increase the effectiveness of your filtration system as a whole. Due to the pleating, these air filters have a larger surface area, allowing them to capture more particles, pollutants, and debris from inside your home. Pleated air filters also tend to be recyclable, making them more eco-friendly than other options.

Make Use of Exhaust Fans

Another way to increase ventilation in your home is by making use of exhaust fans. Many kitchens and bathrooms will have exhaust fans that help to remove unwanted odor, steam, and moisture from the air. Any time you cook or take a shower, you should turn on the exhaust fan to remove pollution in the kitchen or bathroom.

Now that you have some effective ways to improve ventilation in your home, you can put these tips to good use. The better your ventilation is, the healthier your air quality will be, so take the necessary steps to improve your ventilation systems.

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