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How to Tighten or Replace a Loose Toilet Seat

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Are you sliding around on your toilet seat? There’s never a need for that, especially when it’s such an easy fix.

Tightening a Loose Toilet Seat

On the back of the toilet seat, you’ll find a couple of compartments where the nuts and bolts are located and hold the toilet seat to the toilet base. You can pop these open with a flathead screwdriver, or even by sliding a fingernail underneath.

The bolts inside the compartments can be loosened or tightened with a screwdriver (flathead or phillips)

Underneath, there’s a nut that holds the top bolts in place and can be tightened. Ours has a wing on it that you can hold. If necessary, use an adjustable wrench to hold it in place.

Hold the nut in place, and with the screwdriver, tighten the top bolt. Do this on both sides.

Once those are tightened, snap the compartment lids back in place, and your toilet seat is all set.

Replacing a Toilet Seat

Most toilet seats come in 2 sizes: Round (16.5″ or 42 cm) or Elongated (18.5″ or 47 cm). If you don’t know which one you have, measure from the bolt to the end of your toilet seat to see how long it is.

Remove the old seat by loosening the bolts, and once they’re unthreaded, the whole seat will come right out.

To put in the new seat, put the bolt with the washer down in through the hole on each side. On the underside, use the new nut that comes with the seat to hold the bolt into place.

Now it’s time for the dramatic reveal: Slow closing!

Use your throne like the royalty you truly are! Let us know if you have any questions.

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