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How To Never Put Up Christmas Lights Again (but still have Christmas Lights)

permanent christmas lights

Putting up and taking down Christmas lights is the pits. It’s dangerous. It’s time consuming. It’s frustrating. It sucks the Christmas spirit out of you. But… I love Christmas lights. I love the look of them and (once they’re up) the Christmas spirit they do bring. Christmas is my favorite season of the year but …

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Building a Woodshop – Sheathing, Roofing, Trim and a Broken Rib

Holy Schneikes! It’s been months since I blogged about the shop and it’s come a long way since my last post. Since finishing the framing, I’ve worked on the next steps, which are many: Wrapping the structure in OSB Roofing: Applying OSB Sheathing to the roof, then tar paper, drip edge and shingles Wrapping the structure …

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