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How To Maximize Your Garden Shed Space on a Budget

How To Maximize Your Garden Shed Space on a Budget
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A garden shed is a perfect way to keep your gardening hobby organized. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a garden shed, such as adding customizations to your shed to keep it organized. The stray tools, heavy equipment, opened fertilizer, and scattered pots make finding specific items difficult and could lead to a pest problem. Organizing your shed can make gardening much easier for you, and it can allow you to maximize your garden shed space! Below are a few ways to create more space in your garden shed.

Hang Your Small Tools

A garden shed is a perfect space to organize all the tools and materials you need to create a beautiful landscape. However, having so many tools and materials can lead to a disorganized and cluttered space. You can maximize your garden shed’s space by hanging your small tools and hardware on a peg board or magnetic tool strip.

Have Open Shelving

When you have limited space, you must make the most out of every square inch available. You can modify your shed’s wall with open shelving to help free up floor space and make your shed appear more spacious. It’s also best to think vertically rather than horizontally and open more space for shelving or hanging boards.

Add a Potting Table

One of the most important items you need in your garden shed is a potting table. You may worry that there’s not enough space, but with the new-found floor space from shelving efforts, you can add new organizational tools! Ensure the potting table you choose leaves enough room for a bench or chair to rest in. Your potting table can also be where you house your seeds, a small shovel, and a watering can.

Use the Outside of Your Shed

While most people only store their equipment inside their shed, you can hang your more durable tools like rakes, shovels, and hoses outside of your shed. You can add an overhang to prevent rust or damage. By hanging these tools outside, you can reveal more space inside.

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