7 Genius Hiding Places

7 Genius Hiding Places in Your Home

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#7: Hollowed Out Book

After making a rectangle template on the page, and use an X-acto knife to cut through multiple pages at a time. Or, if you don’t have much patience, power tools to the rescue! An oscillating multi-tool will cut through much faster.

Once you’ve reached the depth you’d like, shake out the loose debris, and then superglue around the edges of the cut-out.

As the glue dries, place some heavy books on top of to let it flatten to its original size.

This makes a nice little hiding spot for backup devices, walkie-talkies, jewelry, cash, or whatever else you can fit in there.

#6: Fake Plant

We have found the fake plants from IKEA to be quite easy to pull apart, with a nice hollow space underneath- perfect for hiding anything that will fit in there. Cash, jewelry, etc. When you put it back together, no one will be able to tell any different.

#5: Back of a Drawer

Say you have something flat, like a love letter to Whitney Houston that you wrote in 1995, and maybe you don’t want anyone else to see it. Tape it to the back end of a drawer where no one will think to look.

#4: Empty Paint Can

Most of us have old paint cans hanging around. Find one that is either empty, or mostly empty, clean it out, and voila! A perfect hiding place for a lot of things, like backup hard drives, jump drives, DVDs, jewelry, cash, etc. Easy, right?

#3: Keys in a Bottle

Keep an empty medicine bottle, and find a rock in your yard or garden that has a flat side. Use some hot Gorilla Glue to attach the rock to the lid of the bottle. Find a good spot in your yard to dig a hole just big enough for the medicine bottle to fit into. Make sure the rock is visible. This is a great place for hiding keys in case you lock yourself out of the house.

#2: Multi-Book Safe

Purchase and measure a lockable safe. Running a couple of old, large books through the a table saw, and removing large sections of them will leave the perfect sized void for the safe.

Apply some hot Gorilla Glue to the binding of each book to attach them together. Put the safe inside, and no one will be able to tell the difference!

Another option is to cut a box-sized opening out of several large books-

Make a custom-fit box out of plywood, Gorilla Glue it in place, and you have another large space to hide all kinds of things. Like many of these, this hides in plain sight.

#1: Hidden Picture Frame Wall Safe

Add a safe to the inside of the wall behind one of your pictures.

Use a stud finder to locate the studs on either side.

Use a jab saw to cut out three sides of the opening.

Score the 4th side of the opening with a utility blade

Give it a quick pop, and it should come free. From there, just score the rest of that 4th side, and remove the piece of drywall.

From there, grab the safe and do a dry fit in the wall.

The safe comes with 6 large wood screws that go into the studs, which, once installed, make for a really sturdy fitting, as you can see here.

Carefully install a couple of hinges on the picture frame, drive drywall anchors into the wall, and attach the frame onto the wall. You may need a helper for this step.

Once the picture frame is installed, put some velcro on the opposite side to keep it closed.

And there you have a lovely hiding place for things like gold bars, so you can barter for things like toilet paper in a pandemic.

Just make sure to close it up behind you! 🙂

Did we miss any? What are some other clever hiding spots?

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