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Top Methods for an Energy-Efficient Home

Top Methods for an Energy-Efficient Home
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As technology is becoming more advanced, so are our ways of life. Everything, from cars to computers and even our homes, is getting upgrades as time goes on; make sure you’re not falling behind! Here are the top methods for an energy-efficient home to keep you up to speed.

Lower Your Thermostat or Get Smart

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your bills low and make your home energy efficient is to keep your thermostat on a lower setting. This technique will prevent the air conditioner from turning on frequently and keep your energy consumption low. A similar method is installing a smart thermostat. These devices track your usage and base the temperature settings on your preferences over time. The thermostat will memorize your habits to keep your conditions as you like them.

Seal All Doors and Windows

Another highly effective way of saving money and using less energy is air sealing your home, specifically your doors and windows, to keep the cooler or warmer air outside. If you have an older house, the doors and windows may no longer be airtight; they’ll need a new seal to keep the elements out. Caulk or silicone is a temporary solution that can help to save you thousands of dollars instead of calling a technician to come out and do it for you or to replace your windows entirely.

Replace All Bulbs

Old homes, and even some new homes, still use incandescent bulbs. While they still work as lighting options, they could be more resourceful. They tend to get hot quickly and consume much more energy than other options, like LED bulbs. LEDs use a fraction of what incandescent bulbs use and can last up to a decade without burning out.

Check Pipes for Leaks Often

Pipes are prone to leaking once they age. After all the use they endure, it’s no surprise that maintenance is necessary. Most pipes these days are fitted using PVC, which makes for a longer-lasting pipe. However, some are made of copper. You’ll have to determine which ones are in your home, and pay careful attention to leaks if your pipes are metal.

If you’re looking for top methods for an energy-efficient home, look no further. This concludes the best ways to stay on top of your energy usage and ways to make your house more energy efficient.

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