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My dreams have come true!

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There are 12,000 reason why we love our house. We feel very lucky in many ways, considering we went into this whole purchase pretty blind and went off of a gut feeling that it was right. We truly had no clue what we were in for project-wise when we moved in. It’s been non-stop projects galore, but it’s okay because it keeps us out of trouble, and it keeps us from saving any of that pesky money. Who needs a savings account, anyway?

We have a huge yard, but it’s a weird shape and has this hill running along the entire back and side. We didn’t know what to do with it initially; we couldn’t afford to do anything, since our first priorities were sprinklers and grass, and then finishing the basement.

Not to be dramatic, but this hill has been the bane of my existence, as it has served as nothing more than 2,500 square feet of weeds. It’s driven me insane. I’ve weeded that hill so many times, and every time when I finished, I have been very traumatized. It’s true, you can ask any member of my family. So, I’ve been wanting a terraced rock wall for about 3 years now (that’s 3 years of weeding the hill, thanks), and my wildest dreams have finally come true! We had the rock wall man come give us a bid in April or May, and he was just able to get to us this month.

It was a magical experience. I loved every second of watching these two guys tear apart that hill of despair and make it beautiful. When they finished 8 days later, I felt like they were my best friends and didn’t want them to leave. We all loved watching them work. It was seriously so cool!


Now we just have to put the yard back together and figure out how to landscape the terraces, but that’s gonna have to wait until spring. That there shop you see has been moved up to priority #1.

The rock wall man dug a hole for our trampoline, which was really nice of him. He did however, overshoot a bit, and it ended up way too big. We’ve been enjoying this massive pit until we can get some more dirt to back fill it all the way. Irony, people.

Who knew that burying a trampoline was such an ordeal? I don’t think we’d recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary. We live in a very windy place, and are on trampoline #4 in 3 years, so it’s necessary for us. I just need everyone to know that it’s a huge pain in the butt and stupid expensive. #psabykatrina

The projects shall never end.

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