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Different Uses To Consider for Foam Pool Noodles

Different Uses To Consider for Foam Pool Noodles
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When you think about foam pool noodles, it is likely that your mind instantly goes to pools. While foam noodles are synonymous with pool parties, their waterproof material and malleability make them the perfect material for DIY projects. If you haven’t utilized these noodles before, you will find yourself surprised at the variety they can offer. Find out just a few of the different uses to consider when using foam pool noodles for your next DIY.

Make Other Work Easier

We are quickly entering the season when we must clean our rain gutters, and that comes with hours on a ladder. You also likely spend quite some time on your ladder for other work, which can make your legs sore as your shins press upon the steps. To ease the burden on your legs, consider adhering cut foam pool noodles to your steps. Moreover, if yard work has your arthritis flaring up, you can also glue a foam pool noodle to the handle of your lawnmower to make handling it more comfortable.

Organization Everywhere

You might consider stocking up and buying in bulk as there are seemingly endless uses to consider for foam pool noodles. These noodles can assist you in organizing just about every area of your home. They make great tools to keep your wires from tangling. Slice a noodle in half vertically and place an unused cord inside. You can then label the noodles, making it easier to find the cord you need. Moreover, you can also use them in your closet to keep your long boots upright and free from creases.

Poles and Brooms

Sometimes, there is nothing more frustrating than a pole or broom that refuses to stay upright. Thankfully, you can fix all of those issues with a foam noodle. Take a noodle and place it horizontally on a table. Then, make even vertical slices into the noodle, ensuring not to cut through all the way. You can then adhere your foam noodle to the wall using adhesive tape. This foam noodle hack allows you to store fishing poles, brooms, or mops with ease and no fear of them tipping over.

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