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Tips for Lowering Your Winter Heating Bill Costs

Tips for Lowering Your Winter Heating Bill Costs
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Every winter, homeowners face the concern of their bills skyrocketing due to the colder weather. Lowering your winter heating bill costs is possible using a few different methods. Learn how you can keep your family warm during the colder months this year while reducing your bills and lining your pockets with extra money.

Inspect Your Furnace

Your furnace is responsible for heating your home by burning propane or natural gas to generate heat that it then distributes throughout your home through ducts. If you don’t maintain this appliance or replace components or filters from time to time, it can’t run at optimal efficiency, which will escalate your heating costs. Inspect your furnace before each winter to ensure it operates as it should, and replace filters so that the appliance doesn’t need to work as hard to heat the home.

Close Vents in Vacant Rooms

If there are rooms in your home that you don’t frequently visit, it makes sense to close their vents. With specific vents closed, the furnace no longer needs to produce enough heat for every room in the house. You can always open these vents back up if you have a guest over or you need to use the room.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fan

Turning on your ceiling fan might feel counterproductive, but it can help distribute the hot air throughout the room. Most fans have a summer and winter setting that either pulls warm air up or pushes it back down. For winter, ensure your fan turns clockwise for the best results. Due to more air circulating in your home, your furnace won’t have to work as hard to produce heat, lowering the cost of heating your home.

Weatherproof Windows and Doors

Do you notice cold drafts coming in from your windows and doors? They may need new weatherproofing or seals to keep the cold air from making its way inside your home. Inspect these components of your house; are there any gaps or holes in the frames? Caulk over cracks in your window frame, and weatherstrip your door to lower your winter heating bill costs.

Consider Solar Power

Lastly, you could consider saving during the winter with solar energy. Converting how you gather your energy could be sustainable for your wallet. While solar panels are an investment initially, they could lower the cost it takes to heat your home, making them beneficial year-round.

Winter can put a damper on your wallet, especially if you’re heating an older home that doesn’t hold its heat properly. Fortunately, there are methods you can use to lower the cost of your heating bills. Try out the above advice to save money on bills this winter.

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