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Things To Know Before Remodeling Your Main Bathroom

Things To Know Before Remodeling Your Main Bathroom
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Having a nice bathroom is essential to having a great start to your day. Each morning, you likely wake up and go straight into your bathroom. This is the space where you freshen up and get ready for a long day at work. It’s also the same space where you’ll go to relax and take a hot bath in the evening.

Bathrooms are versatile spaces meant to be bright, relaxing, and often minimalist—all at once. If you’re not content with your bathroom’s design, it might be time for a change. However, before you start removing fixtures and pulling up tile, here are a few things you should know before remodeling your main bathroom.

Gauge How Much You’re Willing To Spend

Bathroom renovations can quickly become expensive, even if you’re doing the bulk of the work yourself. This is why it’s so essential to set a strict budget before you begin the project. This will give you a better sense of where you can afford to splurge and where you should cut back.

Identify What You Can Keep

The more you can work with what you already have, the less your renovation will cost. Demolishing walls and redoing plumbing are expensive ventures, so don’t replace yours unless it’s strictly necessary.

If you’re unhappy with the color of your countertop or bathroom cabinets, consider repainting them instead of replacing them. You can also change out the cabinet hardware for a different look. You might be surprised how the different styles of cabinet hinges and drawer pulls can change the look of a room.

Ensure You Still Have Sufficient Storage

Many of the beautiful, minimalist bathrooms on Pinterest have little to no options for storage. While this creates a clean, elegant-looking bathroom, it isn’t practical for everyday life. Keep at least enough cabinetry or storage carts to store your beauty products, towels, and extra soap. You’ll likely be more annoyed about hunting for your everyday items than having an extra cabinet in your bathroom.

Remodeling a main bathroom takes a lot of time and effort, but it is absolutely worth it. Wishing you a successful remodel and a stunning final product!

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