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Home Renovation Ideas To Consider As You Head Into Spring

Home Renovation Ideas To Consider As You Head Into Spring
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When I think of spring, I think of new beginnings, changes, and long overdue house maintenance. A brutally cold winter can leave a lasting impact on your home, and spring is the best time to tackle those demands so that you can enjoy the warm weather. Below, I talk about a few home renovation ideas that are worth considering as you head into the spring season.

Repaint the Front Door

Something that can elevate the exterior of the house while bringing about a new sense of style and personality is repainting the front door. It’s simple and may take only an hour or two of your time. What’s unique about a front door repaint is you can change the color any time you outgrow it. Be bold, be creative, and think of the curb appeal.

Replace the Windows

The wintertime might have shed light on some serious window issues, such as a cold draft that you couldn’t combat. The issue is that your utility expenses were probably higher than necessary in an effort to keep up with the influx of cold, drafty air.

A common misconception about window replacements is you need to replace all the windows simultaneously, but this isn’t true. I replace only the windows that I know need replacing, as this keeps things affordable. You can replace all the windows if they need it; otherwise, tackle the ones that need immediate assistance first.

Power Wash the Home’s Exterior

Regardless of the projects you choose, you should always consider a quality power wash session for the entire exterior of your home. This can revive the paint color, clear out leftover winter debris and grime, and bring new life to decking, siding, and even the sidewalks.

Consider asking a neighbor or family friend if you can borrow their power washer if you don’t own one. That way, you keep this task cost-effective.

Re-Stain the Deck

Power washing can bring more attention to areas that need some work, especially the color and strength of the deck stain. Consider re-staining the deck during the springtime so that you don’t have to waste time adding or removing patio furniture multiple times a season. I always add deck projects to my list of home renovation ideas for spring because I know I’ll have a long summer on a clean, refreshed deck.

Regardless of where you start your to-do list, remember that timing is everything in terms of ease and efficiency. Spring is an excellent time to rejuvenate, refresh, or start over.

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