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Common Mistakes People Make When Renovating Their Garages

Common Mistakes People Make When Renovating Their Garages
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Renovation is great for many homeowners because their homes are outdated, and renovations can help bring them into the future. Some homeowners’ renovations will be a new coat of paint or installing hardwood floors instead of carpet. For others, it’s the complete transformation of a room, like a garage. Continue reading to learn about the common mistakes people make when renovating their garages that you must avoid.

Using Cheap Materials

A huge mistake you should avoid when renovating your garage (or any other space) is using cheap materials. It brings your entire bill down, but you’ll quickly pay for it in repairs, leaks, and other issues. Similarly, don’t think you can DIY everything yourself. You can be the handiest person in the world, but some of the bigger renovations might require professional help. Keep this in mind early in the process so you don’t finish renovations only to find that a wire has accidentally been cut or the concrete is crumbling.

Forgetting About the Garage Door

There is much to consider when renovating your garage, but many people forget to pay special attention to the garage door itself. This door is often the only barrier between the garage and the outside world, and it’s easy to neglect it and let it fall into disrepair.

During your renovations, spend some time working on the garage door. Leaving it alone will quickly lead to the garage door not working for multiple reasons. In addition to keeping your garage door in working order, pay close attention to its weatherstripping and insulation. Standard garage doors have basic insulation, so garages get very cold in the winter and can potentially let in rain or pests. Upgrading your insulation and weatherstripping will help keep these unwanted guests and loud noises out of your perfect garage room.

Underestimating Time and Resources

Renovations always seem as if they will be a quick and simple fix, but once you’re in it, it is impossible to get out. Renovations almost always uncover something new that needs fixing, like mold, and variables like this always prolong renovations in the worst way possible. When stepping out on your renovation journey, give yourself enough wiggle room for these variables so you don’t end up living in an unfinished home for years.

In addition to time, you must also think about resources and money. The longer the renovation goes on, the more these resources will deplete, and the worse off you’ll find yourself. This spiral leads to many homeowners’ DIY renovations failing, and their bank accounts end up in the red. If you’re worried about this happening, consider consulting a professional. They can take care of your home and generally give accurate time and financial estimates so you don’t end up blindsided by the severity of the renovation project.

Learn to avoid these common mistakes when renovating your garage so your new relaxation space or storage room can work as intended! Making these mistakes is a sure recipe for your garage to turn back into a space that goes unused and collects cobwebs.

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