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Common Kitchen Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Kitchen Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid
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When it comes to lighting, of all the rooms in your home you don’t want to skimp out on; the kitchen is near the top of the list. By learning the most common kitchen lighting mistakes you should avoid, you may realize you have some changes to make.

Poorly Constructed Fixtures

Many homeowners share one fault: opting for cheap and poorly made light fixtures. Investing in high-quality fixtures can save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

You may discover solutions that won’t break the bank but are nonetheless well-made and reliable. After all, avoiding the hassle of swapping out fixtures every couple of months is worth the upfront cost of premier lighting.

Incorrect Positioning

Imagine you are at the theater, and when the director appears on the stage to introduce the show, the spotlight highlights the far-right side of the curtain instead of them. The lighting position would make you swear off any productions from the theater ever again. You don’t want to feel that same thing the second you enter the kitchen.

If your lights don’t serve a purpose, such as being on top of cabinets or too high or low, it will take away from any improvements you’ve made. Aiming under-cabinet lighting as near to eye level as feasible minimizes shadows on work surfaces. Finally, direct the light from any recessed cans or track lighting you install in the kitchen toward work surfaces such as sinks and stoves.

A Lovely Accent

The objective of lighting for every room of your home is to showcase its best features. While how you position the lights is a huge factor in accomplishing this goal, accent lighting is another integral part of the process. Failure to use an accent light will make your kitchen look and feel dull.

In kitchen design, white light tones are preferable to yellow, orange, or lime green. Using this method, you may draw attention to certain kitchen elements at specific locations and make your kitchen look like it belongs on the front page of a magazine.

Finding a Balance

Every day, we try to find a balance to make our life more enjoyable. When we focus most of our attention on our jobs, it may take away the enjoyment of doing something fun. In contrast, ignoring your professional life to be in a perpetual state of “carpe diem” is not a recipe for success. But finding that work/life balance ensures we live our best life. Similarly, we can say the same about kitchen lighting.

You don’t want your kitchen to look like a solar eclipse is happening. You don’t want it to be so bright that it blinds you, nor do you want it as dark as a movie theater. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate shadows by using two or three light sources—anything outside that range might be excessive or insufficient.

Keeping the Style

One bad light fixture could ruin the kitchen’s entire aesthetic. Consider the size of your kitchen while shopping for light fixtures. Generally, kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and other architectural elements should all have a similar design. Then, you can pick the appropriate lighting to ensure that styles don’t clash.

A kitchen is one of the most popular rooms for entertaining guests, so it’s vital to know the common kitchen lighting mistakes you should avoid. With this knowledge, you should have no trouble making the kitchen an elegant and functional space in your home.

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